Moto PG Ep 050: Pecco's Perfect Stiffy. Another Poem

09.21.2021 - By MotoPG

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If you thought it impossible for Boris to improve on his Pecco poem from Episode 49 you weren't alone. We all thought the Power of the Pecco Stiffy was as high as you could climb on that particular mountain. But one man stood alone in his belief that Boris could do better and that man was Boris. And so he did. And it is good. Very good. But better? Only you, the reader, can be the judge of that. So listen, and reflect, and ruminate, and decide. And while you're at it take in the rest of the incredible wisdom and childish buffoonery that makes this show the greatest motorcycling podcast in the world. Oh, and buy some stuff in our shop and from our sponsors and help make us rich. We deserve it.

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