MotoPG Ep 034: Dovi, Jorge and Aprilia - The Super Uber Mamba Butter Dream Team

03.30.2021 - By MotoPG

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And so it begins. Race One of season 2021 done and dusted in Qatar and there's tension in the ranks with Boris impressed, Tug depressed and Freido full of splinters from sitting on the fence. It's Week One of hating Michelin (the race product, not the street tyres) as the boys break down a week of confusing results and ponder who will get it right for week two. That's all interesting for you listeners, of course, but what's occupying the minds at MotoPG HQ is money, and specifically how much of it Suzuki will be giving us as our newest sponsor. That's our way of announcing that the bike that carries the reigning World Champion has backed another winner by coming on board with the greatest MotoGP podcast in the world. If you like the podcast and you're already a Patreon Pit Crew member but keep wondering how else you can support the show here's your answer: go out and buy a Suzuki (and make sure to tell them we sent you!)

Suzuki joins Held Australia and Velocity Vehicle Care in making the show possible and we thank all of them for their generous support. There are details in this week's episode on how you can return the favour to both but especially to Held who are offering a most magnificent prize to our Patreon Pit Crew members that includes international travel, attending a MotoGP race and a tour of one of the most impressive manufacturing facilities in the industry.

So stop reading and start listening. Now.


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