Moving From Connection to Self-Care: The Pyramid of Wellness Series (Part 8)

10.23.2020 - By Adventures in Truth Podcast

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(Part 8) I am excited to welcome back to the show, Deb Rock-Evans, to continue up the Pyramid of Wellness. On this show, Moving From Connection to Self-Care, we will review the Pyramid thus far, and explore how the power of our connection and alignment bring us to a state of Self Care, as we move from Connection to Self-care. Join us as we share how and why Self Care would be considered a state. We will explore Self Care versus self management. A powerful new paradigm in the making! Powerful conversations will definitely unfold!

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About Deb Rock-Evans:

Deb Rock-Evans is a kiwi mum and wife who's chosen to stop dreaming about her ideal future life and start living life on her terms right now. Along with her husband, they've sold their house and possessions, bought a yacht and are living on it, learning to sail and navigate, with a view to sailing around the world in a few years time. She believes everyone should have a freedom gig that brings in a leveraged income that builds with time and consistent effort and loves helping people achieve this for themselves. She also has a community on Facebook called the Wake Up Warriors where she holds a space for people to have conversations that matter about topics that concern them and has reignited this group recently in light of COVID to provide people with an alternative view of what's happening a safe place to share their thoughts rationally and respectfully.

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