MPM 054: Product Research for B2B Companies, Insights from Yana Welinder, CEO of Kraftful

08.26.2019 - By Masters of Product Management

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Regardless of industry, size or age of an organization, or the type of products built, understanding customers and markets is the bedrock of successful product management for any company. Without that understanding, frankly it doesn’t really matter how good they are at the rest of product development and management, because they aren’t getting to the heart of problems to be solved and needs to be met. However, there are some different dynamics in product research for B2B or Business to Business organizations and B2C, Business to Consumer, organizations. In this podcast, Yana Welinder, CEO & Co-Founder at Kraftful, and former Head of Product at IFTTT shares her experiences and expertise in product research for B2B companies.

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