Mr Salary - Sally Rooney - Literary Roadhouse Ep 170

10.30.2019 - By Literary Roadhouse: One Short Story, Once a Week

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Discussion Notes: Mr SalaryThis week’s story: Mr Salary by Sally RooneyNext week’s story: Sole Solution by Eric Frank RussellRated: ExplicitGerald, Andy and Anais discuss “Mr Salary” by Sally Rooney, who has been described as the first great writer of the millennial generation. All three hosts loved Rooney’s style, though Andy had a personal bone to pick! Gerald raised an interesting question about whether or not the author’s politics and worldview are embedded in a text that is ostensibly not political (in so much as anything can be apolitical). Anais does her best to find political meaning.Have thoughts on this story?Did we miss a crucial piece of this story? Tell us below! Or on Twitter @litroadhouse or in our FB group The Literary Roadhouse Readers. Join the Literary Roadhouse Readers Facebook Group!

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