MSMP 102: Navin Jaitly on Providing Value to your Sales and Service People

06.16.2021 - By Mads Singers Management Podcast

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Welcome to another episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast! Today, we are joined by Navin Jaitly! Navin is an expert in a field where I don’t make well - sales!

Navin works with business owners, business executives, and even business leaders. A firm believer in seeing the good inside of people rather than the outside, Navin has a passion for changing the way business leaders and their teams think. Navin also believes in changing the relationship dynamics in a team to know that they are valued and appreciated. Like many of us, Navin also had his “dark days,” where he shares that he also struggled to work; however, Navin was able to turn it around and even start his own business.

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