Episode 19: Much Too Much

11.18.2016 - By Code Grey(s)

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It is indeed much too much right now y'all. Join us for a surprisingly lengthy discussion of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 10--before we lapse into our feelings re: the US election. (Skip ahead to the 47:58 mark if you're just in it for the politics): we begin with a preview of our election segment because we have a lot of feelings to resolve (3:25) followed by our episode summary (7:55); on boners, erectile dysfunction, and the overall need to de-center the penis (09:00); the lie of shower sex (17:30); the possibility that this ep is an elaborate staging point for a Sex and the City prequel (21:30); shaming Meredith's slut-shamers (31:55); our BITS (42:22) including our Medical Fact of the Week: a post-mortem on the United States of America (47:58).
Thanks for your patience over the last few weeks--we'll see you next week for S2E11.

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