Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas

By Murder City


A bi-weekly true crime podcast focused exclusively on murdered and missing persons cases out of the Houston Metro area. Explore the city's diverse and eclectic culture while examining the darker stories that weave the downtown streets and flow out down the bayous. No stranger to crime, Houston has thousands of stories to tell, from unsolved murder mysteries to current missing persons cases. See H-Town in a new light, a light inclusive to every victim in Houston, no matter the sex, race, or income. Let's show the true crime world how the fourth largest city in the US deals with crime and violence. Also, how Boomtown can come together as a city to help a neighbor, many of whom have lived far too long without answers.

Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas Podcast


Operation Submerge


In Episode 19, B and CC focus on one of the many facets of Houston crime. The bayous add a little nature to our beautiful city, but what lies beneath can prove to be more sinister than the surface appears. ...

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