My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

By Mark Steeves Jr

What's My Family Thinks I'm Crazy about?

Does your family think you're crazy? So does mine. Join Me, your Host Mystic Mark two or more episodes a week as we discuss out of the box concepts with people who take the road less traveled. From Bizarre Events, Conspiracy, Mystery, Intrigue, Spirituality, Paranormal, Supernatural, Alternative, Ancient, Lost to Forbidden Knowledge Ancient Wisdom and so much more! Not exactly dinner table conversation, Right? ...Join us on The My Family Thinks I’m Crazy Podcast every week where these topics and discussions are right at home. Support us on Patreon or with a one time donation this show is value for value primarily supported by listeners please help keep the show on the air 3 times a week! @mysticmark on venmo. for more info. Immerse yourself in the ever-expanding now. Buy my book S.E.E.E.N Edition #1

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