My Favourite Tip: David Williamson - The price of success in the arts

05.16.2022 - By How I Work

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David had it pretty good. He was working in a great university. His students loved him. His peers loved him. He had plenty of friends who loved him. And then he became a successful playwright. Life couldn’t get any better!
Except reaching the dizzying heights David reached in the theatre world didn’t come cheap. For most of his life, he was like anyone else. You might have the occasional tiff with a co-worker or acquaintance, but generally, you’re well-liked by the people you care about. And all of a sudden, hordes of strangers started to hate David Williamson. 
Already a self-conscious man, the idea of people making a living by tearing apart his every thought was almost debilitating for David. 
He shares how he learned to train his focus onto the audience, rather than the critics, and reflects on the help he received from his wife, who would conduct audience surveys in the women’s bathrooms after his shows. 
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You can find the full interview here: Playwright David Williamson on negativity, perfectionism and the myth of writer’s block
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