My Favourite Tip: Mia Northrop & Dinah Rowe-Roberts - Transform your smartphone from distraction to digital assistant

06.13.2022 - By How I Work

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Most guests on How I Work will tell you to turn off your phone if you want to get work done. They’ll probably tell you to leave it out of the bedroom when it’s time to sleep, and to keep it out of reach when you’re meant to be spending quality time with friends and family. 
It’s easy to forget sometimes just how useful that little super computer in your pocket can be - and that applies to life admin, too! Life Admin Hacks authors Mia Northrop and Dinah Rowe-Roberts put me onto the untapped power of Siri, and I’ve never looked back. And now they’re teaching you how to use it, too. 
If you’ve never used Siri for anything other than a Google search while your hands are full, you’re missing out on an on-demand, high-powered digital assistant. From reminders to calendar updates, Mia and Dinah share how to use Siri to supercharge your life admin. 
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