My Favourite Tip: Norman Swan - You’re not on a mission to explain

03.28.2022 - By How I Work

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Thanks to social media, everyone’s a storyteller now. Whether you’re guiding your work to the right audience, developing your personal brand or keeping the public up-to-date on the COVID-19 situation, your job is to tell a story. If people don’t understand you, or don’t tune in, then everything else is for nought. 
So how do you get better at communicating? Norman Swan, a physician, journalist, broadcaster and the host of ABC’s Coronacast, has decades of experience not just in storytelling itself, but in helping others develop their craft, too. 
He shares how he’s developed his skills over a long career in journalism, and helps you avoid the most common mistake new writers make: thinking they’re on a mission to explain.  
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