My Mother Doesn't Want to Know Me

12.02.2016 - By The Work of Byron Katie

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A woman does The Work on a moment in time when she was texting with her estranged mother. Her belief at that moment is "My mother doesn't want to know me." BK: "We're meditating on "She doesn't want to know me-is it true?" The answer is always one syllable: yes or no. Notice the other thoughts that arise around this, and gently go back to the question. Do you see images of you and her in the past and the future? Is that you or imagination?" Together, they question statements like "I want my mom to acknowledge me," "I want her to admit that she screwed up," "She should apologize for the past," "She shouldn't expect me to parent her," and "She should admit she's a psychopath." "You cannot experience rage unless you're in a movie." -Byron Katie ©2016 Byron Katie International, Inc. All rights reserved. For more information, visit

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