046: Mystery Shopper

11.13.2014 - By Young Hustlers

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Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt call unsuspecting businesses to show how they candle customers. Poor customer service is a huge issue in today’s marketplace. People don’t know how to sell and service customers. Good service is what’s expected, great service is when you personalize it. This key insight is practiced by so few. Those who go above and beyond beat out competition ever time. Grant and Jarrod call a business that sells specialty gift items (chap sticks, memo pads, pens). Jarrod pretends he’s planning his booth event at an upcoming convention and wants to price out some product. Find out how the salesperson handles the call and why 20 second into the conversation, Grant is ready to jump through the phone. Grant and Jarrod run into automated recorded messages and are put on hold too long. Their reactions are hysterical. You laugh and learn the following tips in this episode of Young Hustlers, Mystery Shopper. Mystery Shopper: Smart Sales Basics 1. Answer the phone with enthusiasm. 2. Ask key questions. 3. Aim to serve and provide information. 4. Know your inventory. Grant and Jarrod also speak to a woman at a call center and a Miami based real estate agent who blows off answering questions about a multimillion-dollar property. You can practically see the smoke coming out of Grant’s ears. Tune in!

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