National Geographic and Geoscience Writing - Dr. Maya Wei-Haas

03.24.2022 - By PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

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Join us as we interview Dr. Maya Wei-Haas who works as a science journalist for National Geographic.  Dr. Wei-Haas has a PhD in geoscience, has done top-tier research.  In our discussion, she explains why she decided to pivot and use her extensive background to write interesting articles about our amazing planet.  This was not an easy decision for Dr. Wei-Haas to make as writing did not come naturally - just another obstacle for her to overcome.  Sit back and listen to this intriguing discussion about Earth science, writing, and life.

Dr. Maya Wei-Haas has an impressive CV:  She has a PhD in Geoscience, but now works as a science journalist for National Geographic.  Here are some of the awards Dr. Wei-Haas has won!Science Journalist for National Geographic - particular affection for Rocks and Reactions, Assistant Editor - Smithsonian MagazineAmerican Academy for the Advancement of Science Fellow in 2015PhD in Earth Science from Ohio State UniversityASCE Excellence in Journalism Award 2021AGU’s Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism (2020)National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2010-2015)

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