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What's National Review's Radio Free California Podcast about?

A show about the perilous state of the Golden State—and what that means for you, wherever you live. California is the hothouse lab of the Left, the nation-state creating the statist policies, art, and lifestyles of the future – and generating the political dollars to make them a reality in a community near you. Hosts Will Swaim (California Policy Center) and David Bahnsen (The Bahnsen Group, Fox Business News commentator, conservative activist) beam this weekly show internationally, from mostly undisclosed pirate-radio platforms west of the Sierra Nevada. [Intro music graciously provided by Los Angeles-based Metalachi, the metal/mariachi soundtrack of the near-future. Find them at]

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Episode 195: Profiles in (E...


Netflix execs handle/mishandle an employee walkout over the streaming service’s latest Chappelle special. In-N-Out tells San Francisco no, its employees won’t play the role of “vaccination police.” Elon Musk says he moved Tesla HQ to Texas in part because of ...

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