Natters that Matter | Harnaam Kaur

07.13.2021 - By The Emma Guns Show

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This episode is brought to you in collaboration with Philips. Harnaam Kaur is a motivational speaker and social activist whose insights on choice, and how those choices inspire positivity and self-expression are eye-opening and ultimately empowering. in this episode, Harnaam and I discuss; self-expression and why confidence comes from making choices that empower you - and who cares what anyone else thinks? We chat about Harnaam’s choices around the Philips Lumea and how just because she has a beard it doesn’t mean she doesn’t use the device elsewhere on her body - and other assumptions people may make just from looking at her. She explains why she so passionate about the mantra ‘my body, my rules’ and how we can continue to move conversations around body and facial hair forward with understanding and acceptance. To find out more about the Philips Lumea click here: Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series To join the closed Facebook group for the podcast click here >> The Emma Guns Show Forum. To follow me on social media >> Twitter | Instagram. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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