Ep. 192 - Navigating 2022 Astrology with Jill Wintersteen (Spirit Daughter)

04.01.2022 - By EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

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Wondering what’s in store for the rest of 2022 and how to astrologically navigate the next phase of your life? We’re so excited to have astrologer Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter on the podcast again! She chats with Lacy on how healing 2022 astrology is, advice for those in their Saturn return, combining astrology with TBM work, how to better read your birth chart, and planning a baby’s astrological sign. They also cover how your north node is the exact medicine your south node needs and evolving out of ego.

If you’re even remotely into astrology, this ep is packed with so much practical and enlightening information! Enjoy.

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