Nebraska Joyride

09.10.2019 - By True Crime Brewery

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After middle-aged couple Wayne and Sharmon Stock were brutally killed in their Nebraska farmhouse, police decided that a family member was behind their murder.  A nephew confessed and implicated his cousin as his accomplice.  But they still needed some physical evidence. Enter forensics investigator David Kofoed. Kofoed found a spot of blood underneath the steering wheel of a car.  DNA testing confirmed that the blood was Wayne Stocks'.  But other evidence at the scene was not adding up. The discovery of an engraved ring in the Stock house turned the investigation in the right direction.  The ring was traced to a Wisconsin couple whose truck had been stolen with the ring inside of it.  Two teenagers had stolen the truck and took it for a joyride.  Join us at the quiet end today for Nebraska Joyride.  This is a fascinating case involving a false confession, two cold-blooded killers, and a forensics investigator charged with planting evidence.

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