#258 Nephrotic Syndrome, Smoking Cessation, Prev Med Update (TFTC #2)

02.24.2021 - By The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

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Recap our top pearls from recent shows on nephrotic syndrome vs nephritic syndrome, smoking cessation and updates in preventive medicine. Tales from the Curbside (TFTC) is a monthly series providing a rapid review of recent Curbsiders episodes.

Note: There is no CME for this mini-episode but visit curbsiders.vcuhealth.org to claim credit for #250, #251 and #252. 

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Written, Produced and Hosted by: Stuart Brigham MD; Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP  
Infographics by: Elena Gibson MD, Beth Garbitelli and Carolyn Chan MD
Cover Art: Matthew Watto MD
Editor: Matthew Watto MD (written materials); Clair Morgan of nodderly.com

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