Nerd Alert #1 Autophagy & Fasting Deep Dive

07.10.2019 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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There’s a lot of speculation about when autophagy starts and stops. In today’s show we’ll cover the details. This show is brought to you by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition, tools to help optimize sleep and support blood sugar health. Save on your next order using coupon code HIH at checkout About Today's Show: “Fast for 18 hours and autophagy kicks-in,” the guru says. The truth is, autophagy is occurring at different rates in different tissues for different people. In this show, we’ll add some clarity to this topic that’ll help you figure out how long and frequently you should fast to enhance autophagy. -Insights from human fasting studies about autophagy and fast duration -Herbs and foods that may enhance autophagy Link to show notes and research: Related Podcast with Peter Attia, MD: Autophagy and Time-Restricted Feeding:  

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