Newlywed Advice & Wedding Planning Tips with Emma Mae McDaniel

02.15.2022 - By Truth Talks with Tara

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What an honor it is to sit down with the one, the only, Emma Mae McDaniel! (Affectionately known online as 1Corinthians13_love!) This conversation is one that will surely fill your soul.   Emma is joining us on the show to offer encouragement, wisdom, and insight into newlywed life, marriage and even wedding planning. Tara and Emma, both newlyweds, talk about the hardest and sweetest lessons they've learned so far, their best pieces of advice for marriage, and even some tips for how they planned their weddings. Tune in now - you won't be disappointed!   Follow Emma on Instagram: Subscribe to Emma's YouTube: Listen to her podcast: Follow Tara on Instagram: Visit Tara's site for encouragement, resources, and her email list:

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