Episode 18 | Nicho Plowman | Bringing together the worlds of meditation and regenerative agriculture

11.02.2020 - By The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott

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Nicho articulately draws together the many parallels between meditation and regenerative agriculture in this long awaited interview with Charlie's cousin and co-founder of the worlds most used digital meditation platform Insight Timer (20million users). The connections with ones health, sense of purpose and the place from where one observes the film of our own lives in the ' conscious cinema of our mind' are highlighted, and the benefits of meditation as an antidote to the treadmill of life are explored by Nicho and Charlie. A life affirming conversation for those who are grappling with the speed and intensity of our times. To start a dialogue and converse more about topics raised in this podcast, please visit The Regenerative Journey Podcast Facebook Group.   Episode Takeaways There are many parallels between the philosophies of meditation and regenerative agriculture | Nicho had a 20 year period of ‘experimentation’ and pushing the boundaries somewhat before finding Vedic meditation 10 years ago | His challenges in that period created learning's that have enabled him to help others | He developed the Insight timer app which today has almost 20m meditators following it,  over 10,000 meditation / yoga teachers and publishers, a 60,000 track library - and counting... more time spent on Insight each day than all other meditation apps, combined | Nicho just didn’t learn to meditate, he learned to teach it and has made it his life’s work to continue to  help others experience a deeper conscious state ‘When people get up in the morning and go straight to fb where is their motivation?’ | Vedic meditation is practiced twice a day for 20 mins‘ | Our physiology is designed to be in a place where it is balanced and engaging purposefully’ | ‘There is no treatment in the world that we might find externally that can actually do a better job | ‘We have gone into the earth to rip up resources to extend life’ | Meditation is about restoring mental and physical and spiritual health through sitting further back in the conscious cinema of our mind, away from the front row of our lives. Meditation builds resilience to life | The soil is an encapsulation of life itself through its complexity, interplay and interdependence | Biodynamics reconnects people to their food, and inspires people to change behaviour | Do as I do, not as I say...setting an example of behaviours for our children is more important than telling them how to be | Treating the symptom is a 'proven failed strategy', were just playing a game of ‘whack a mole’ | ‘Behaviours don’t change until consciousness changes’ | ‘There is creative thinking and solutions out there....... but we’re just sucking up the stuff that’s negative’ | 'You need to go into the dark to appreciate the light’ | Meditation gives you a reminder of who your truly are | The foundation to the human experience is not just all of this individual external validation. The underlying part of where we came from is our universal Experience as it relates to the moment we were created’  Episode Links :  Nicho Plowman - Insight Timer Co Founder and Vedic Meditation Teacher Insight Timer -  free meditation app Harvest - restaurant, NSW  Charlie Arnott - IG  Tim Brown - meditation coach The One Wild & Precious Life -  Sarah Wilson 

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