Episode 120 - Nick Bishop from Not Centralised, NFT and Metaverse expert

08.09.2022 - By Art Wank

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Spoiler alert - Nick Bishop is brilliant!!!

In this episode, he explains, how the NFT world can assist artists and galleries in fantastic ways. Nick explains the different layers of the web3 world, blockchain and NFTs in such an understandable way.

He runs a web3 venture capitalist company with three partners, Not Centralised. They will be holding a talk at Manly Art Gallery or the Northern Beaches council's creative open, on August 17th 6-8 pm. 'Metaverse and NFTs - the future of art and the value it unlocks.' Curious to know more about how art crosses over into technology and finance? Want to discover the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)? Here’s your place to start, with a presentation and conversation led by NFT/Metaverse experts Simo Leonelli, Sam Joel, Nick Bishop, and Mark Monfort. link to Violeta Sofia 

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