29: Nick Onken on Following Your Creative Resonance

04.23.2015 - By Sound and Substance - Songwriting and Music Production

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From graphic design to shooting for clients like Justin Bieber, Adidas, Burton and Walmart, Nick Onken shares his journey of following his "creative resonance" as a photographer. He also runs the podcast Shop Talk Radio for creative entrepreneurs. Nick originally started in Seattle doing graphic design work. After a life-changing trip to Africa and the encouragement of a friend, Nick decided his greatest passion was in photography. Climbing through a lot of the same struggles as indie musicians, Nick had to spend several years learning and honing his craft, to the point where he now works with clients such as Justin Bieber, Toyota, Adidas, Walmart, and many others. I really wanted to have Nick on because he can identify with the struggles and passion of being a creative entrepreneur. One of Nick’s greatest priorities is “creative resonance”, which is choosing projects that you personally are passionate about and resonate with so that you can make connections that matter, and be fulfilled as an artist.
We touch on:

Transitioning full-time into your passion
Lifestyle considerations of choosing a path
Working for free
How to learn your craft
Balancing commerce and art
Is passion bunk or for real?

Be sure to check out Nick's podcast Shop Talk Radio, and I hope you enjoy the show!

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