Nicole's Grey's Anatomy

By Forever Dog

What's Nicole's Grey's Anatomy about?

Welcome to Nicole's Grey's Anatomy, the ultimate Grey's Anatomy podcast, hosted by comedian and Grey's super fan, Nicole Silverberg. Each week, Nicole invites a special guest onto the show to "scrub in" (fun surgery joke) and discuss a character, relationship, episode, theme, or Grey's experience. Whether you've seen all fifteen seasons (help) or stopped watching after [insert insane plot point here], tune in for the sex, medicine, and drama of surgeon's lives (and ours, too!).

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Adele's Journey (w/ Sarah S...


This week on Nicole’s Grey’s Anatomy, Nicole sits down with Sarah Smallwood Parsons for an in-depth look at Adele. Topics include when Webber comes to Adele's door, when Adele doesn't score high enough for the Alzheimers trial, Adele's death, and ...

Nicole's Grey's Anatomy episodes: