Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio presents: Tribute to Laurie Dyer Hood

10.10.2019 - By Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio

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Laurie Dyer Hood moved to Deep East Texas in 1990. She lived there for 10 years, having possible experiences but was never a believer. It was not until 2000 after she moved into a camp community on Lake Sam Rayburn that she began to have unexplained events plague her, her family and her neighbors. Through social media she learned what she might have inhabiting the woods she spent so much time in was. It was not until Labor Day weekend 2001 when she had her first definite sighting. From that point on she dedicated her life to learning what she could about these beings by researching whenever she could. After almost 20 years, she still cannot say what they are. Her daughter Lauren Smith is now joining her and even her grandchildren have taken up the gauntlet. It is her life long passion and quest to discover the truth about the legendary beast called Sasquatch.

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