No Teacher is Necessary—Byron Katie Interview with Giovanna Rossi

07.26.2017 - By The Work of Byron Katie

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Byron Katie is interviewed on "The Well Woman Show" with Giovanna Rossi. Giovanna: I want to start with a quote from Loving What Is. "No teacher is ever necessary. You are the teacher you've been waiting for." What do you mean by that? BK: I went to the world for answers--asking others what they advised; but ultimately, I found the answers to all my questions inside. It became so clear to me to just question everything I believed about my life and other people's lives. As a result, everything shifted dramatically. Every time I questioned my assumptions--the things I was so sure were true--the questioning would show me astonishing truths I had no access to otherwise, truths that gave me a happy, problem-free life. So I invite people to question what they think. Giovanna: And it is really hard to always be questioning our thoughts. That's why you have these four simple questions to guide us. BK: And the questions really are a practice. They are something we meditate on, until the questioning just comes naturally. Giovanna: You have to focus on it and really do this in order to get to the other side of suffering. BK: I do The Work all over the world with people and one-on-one, so I'm always in inquiry. And the questioning continues all day long, without effort. So I'm always prepared for life. Giovanna: What superpower did you discover that you actually found was there all along? BK: The ability to love without reservation. Giovanna: I define feminism as equality in social, political, and economic spaces. Do you consider yourself a feminist? BK: In that way, absolutely. And as women, if we are not in those spaces equally, it's because of a fearful state of mind. There's nothing that could stop us in our life if we were not fearful. If I believed anything that didn't give me equal rights in my life, I would question it. Giovanna: What do you tell people who are incredibly fearful right now; people who feel like they have no power over our social and political situation? BK: I'd invite them to love what is, which is different from accepting what is. To love what is is to see things clearly from a balanced state of mind. In that clarity it's simple to see what we can do to make positive changes in our life and in the world, and there's no fear to stop it. "Anyone with an open mind can do this Work; that's the requirement." —Byron Katie Website: Webcasts: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: © 2016 Byron Katie International, Inc. All rights reserved.

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