1373: Nose Bleeds, Ear Ringing, Collagen Types, SIBO, Male Ejaculation, Lump in Throat, Titrate (HouseCall)

11.09.2019 - By The Cabral Concept

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Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows! This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track! Check out today's questions:  Margie: Hey Dr Cabral Thank you so much for all the work you do to educate us on wellness! I have learned so much from you. My son gets nose bleeds. Without bumping husband nose or any kind of trauma his nose will start bleeding. It usually stops after some pressure in around 5 minutes or so. There are times it will bleed a few times a day.There are times that it won’t bleed for a month and then it will bleed weekly.Is there anything I can do to support his body and little nose to heal and come back to balance. Thanks in advance. Aracely: i would like more information , about a ringing problem in my ears , they give me rx for inflammation , and I would like to know more in lose weight. Bev: I purchase your collagen. I was wondering if it has ALL types of collagen included in it? I was told that a good collagen has to have all types included. I am sure it probably does but I am just making sure Thanks Bev Gemma: Dear Dr Cabral, i have 2 interlinked questions. First, i have very high methane SIBO but hydrogen was in range. My baseline was 24 (too high to even start) but after 3hrs my test showed 68 whichi believe is pretty high. I have been taking atrantil but it hasnt done much so far. The test indicated that its likely LIBO rather than SIBO. Is there a difference in treatments for these conditions? I was thinking to do the Cabral detox for the LIBO but also the CBO program but I am confused in what order to do them. Also, with christmas coming it - it will be hard to stick to a 3 month program if its rigid - does the CBO program allow for an occasional alcoholic drink and a number of christmas dinners (various events leading up to christmas which all seem to involve food)? Troy: What are your thoughts on male ejaculation in relation to vitality energy and health? I've heard that retention of semen (seed) is important, but when I restrict myself I tend to beat myself up over it when it's obviously hard to be celibate.Would love to hear your thoughts! Please include this in IHP :) Heather: Hi Dr. Cabral,Thank you so much for the work you do. I recently completed your 21-day detox and feel great! I am continuing on my journey to health and excited about where it will take me. I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine who has struggled with alcoholism and now has cirrhosis of the liver. I’m not sure how far along it is. In addition to that, she now has a lump in her throat and the doctors are not sure what it is although they have suggested it may be cancer.Is there any guidance you can provide from a functional medicine perspective regarding treating cirrhosis of the liver? Is there any way to reverse the damage that is already done. Thank you!! Rani: Hi Dr. Steven Cabral, I have a quick question for you. I have tried the intestinal cleanse after completing the CBO protocol and got some abdominal pain on day two that lead to diaherra. Of course, I stopped the protocol. Then I tried it later this summer and got the abdominal pain within a day. My husband ended up doing the protocol and had no problem. Why do you think I have a reaction? And is there an alternative method to do an intestinal cleanse, since this one doesn't work for me? I know the coffee enemia only cleanses a small part of our colon. Is this maybe my only option for now? Thank you, fellow IHP student.   Thank you for tuning into today's Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!  - - - Show Notes & Resources: http://StephenCabral.com/1373 - - - Get Your Question Answered: http://StephenCabral.com/askcabral   - - - Dr. Cabral's New Book, The Rain Barrel Effect https://amzn.to/2H0W7Ge - - - Join the Community & Get Your Questions Answered: http://CabralSupportGroup.com - - -   Dr. Cabral’s Most Popular Supplements: > “The Dr. Cabral Daily Protocol” (This is what Dr. Cabral does every day!) - - - > Dr. Cabral Detox  (The fastest way to get well, lose weight, and feel great!) - - - > Daily Nutritional Support Shake  (#1 “All-in-One recommendation in my practice) - - - > Daily Fruit & Vegetables Blend  (22 organic fruit & vegetables “greens powder”) - - - > CBD Oil  (Full-spectrum, 3rd part-tested & organically grown) - - - > Candida/Bacterial Overgrowth, Leaky Gut, Parasite & Speciality Supplement Packages - - - > See All Supplements: https://equilibriumnutrition.com/collections/supplements  - - -   Dr. Cabral’s Most Popular At-Home Lab Tests: > Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (Test for mineral imbalances & heavy metal toxicity) - - - > Organic Acids Test (Test for 75 biomarkers including yeast & bacterial gut overgrowth, as well as vitamin levels) - - - > Thyroid + Adrenal + Hormone Test  (Discover your complete thyroid, adrenal, hormone, vitamin D & insulin levels) - - - > Adrenal + Hormone Test (Run your adrenal & hormone levels) - - - > Food Sensitivity Test (Find out your hidden food sensitivities) - - - > Omega-3 Test (Discover your levels of inflammation related to your omega-6 to omega-3 levels) - - - > Stool Test (Use this test to uncover any bacterial, h. 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