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Your go-to podcast for all things film and TV. Game of Thrones, Marvel, Star Wars, you name it and we will cover it. Whether it’s Threepio rolling around with a bowcaster in ‘Episode IX,’ if the Ant-Man Thanos ‘Endgame’ theory isn’t as half-assed as it sounds, or more serious topics such as how the people of the Seven Kingdoms can defeat The Night King in GoT. From the co-creators of @CultureCrave, @ThronesFacts, and @MarveIfacts Ross Cutsforth and Zach Williamson, joined by Luke Goessens.

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Watchmen E3: Laurie Blake R...


:43 Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell in talks for The Batman 9:08 Todd Phillips confirms Joker didn't kill Sophie 11:00 Martin Scorsese Op-ed on MCU 14:40 Watchmen E3 16:00 Laurie Blake is a badass / HUGE Dr. Manhattan reveal 24:05 'owl ...

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