03.31.2017 - By Trump Talk Live

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In this episode, Vic Baker and Tony Ledbetter discuss new revelations in the Intelligence probe swirling around Washinton, DC.  The Trump White House has responded to howls of protest from Democrats outraged over House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes sharing evidence about the illegal unmasking of Trump associates with President Trump.  This is evidence that Nunes picked up at Trump's White House this week, evidence showing that yes, the Trump transition team was under surveillance,  and yes, information about some Trump team members was leaked.  Trump's White House has invited all members of the Congressional Intelligence Committees to come and see the evidence for themselves!  Devin Nunes will not recuse himself.
The incredible collapse of the Ryancare bill on the Hill has brought a stern warning from POTUS Trump to the Freedom Caucus...time to get on board or risk your seats in the midterms!  Some are dismayed about this apparent a lack of GOP unity, but Vic Baker points out that this may be part of Trump's strategy to arrive at a Healthcare bill this Spring that WILL make affordable health care available through free market solutions that empower patients and doctors instead of driving up costs through insurance rules government mandates and taxes.
POTUS Trump has signed four bills reversing Obama regulations, approved the Keystone XL pipeline, and an Executive Order reversing Obama's job-choking EPA climate rules.
AG Jeff Sessions is laying down the law, warning sanctuary cities that defiance of Federal Immigration Law will cost those communities billions in DOJ grants.

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