Nutrition Rounds Podcast

By Dr. Danielle Belardo

What's Nutrition Rounds Podcast about?

Welcome to Nutrition Rounds, with Dr. Danielle Belardo, the podcast for anyone interested in learning about plant based nutrition though an evidence based approach. Every week we share insights and interviews with physicians who are leading experts in nutrition and health. Whether you’ve been plant based for many years, or are still searching for the perfect diet, Nutrition Rounds will inspire and empower you to live your healthiest life, backed by science.

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Episode 4- Eminence versus ...


Hosted by: Dr. Danielle Belardo Instagram: @daniellebelardomd Twitter: @dbelardomd Facebook: Dr. Danielle Belardo, MD Danielle Belardo is a Preventive Cardiologist in Newport Beach, CA Learn more about Dr. Belardo here Read Dr. Belardo's Blog here: Produced by: Dr. Kasey ...

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