NXNE Special 2014- Part 3

06.13.2014 - By Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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Are you ready for the Friday picks for NXNE? You realized this was a week long festival right? Right???? Here's part three of this mayhem and nonsense. I possibly went a little "mainstream" with some of my picks this time. Judge all you want, some "hyped" musicians deserve the hype. Don't give me that , "I' m not attending NXNE, so this isn't relevant to me" As if music isn't relevant.

The best part about these specials is that it’s almost a guarantee that it’s an eclectic mess of music. If you are just catching up now, I already ranted about not managing to fit all the bands I wanted in and why in the previous show, and the previous show before that. This time I did not bitch about it. If you want to catch up on the last two shows check out the links @ EATKS.NET

Here's the playlist.

Benjamin Booker - Violent Shiver
Swearin' - Hundreds and Thousands
Odds - Someone Who Is Cool
St. Vincent - Your Lips Are Red
Swans- A Little God In My Hands
Pet Sun - Serpent Buzz
Ketamines - You Can't Stop Time
Happy Fangs - Hiya Kaw Kaw
Balancer - House In the Clouds
Thought Beneath Film - The Art Of Giving Up
SNOWMINE - Saucer Eyes
Kalle Matson - Darkness

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