Episode #354: October Patron Q&A!

10.22.2019 - By The Starting Zone: The World of Warcraft Podcast!

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Welcome to The Starting Zone Podcast, The World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players! Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas sit down to talk with our Patrons about what's on their minds for the October Patron Q&A;! Episode #354: October Patron Q&A;! is ready for Download! How are you guys feeling about returning to static gem slots ie wraith days. For me I really enjoyed using different gem combination to get the bonuses and knowing exactly what I want to gem. Nowadays I don't like the randomness of getting a gem slot. For both hosts, what is your personal ranking of xpacs? Such as for me #1 is Cata as its when I really got into the game and then so on and so forth. Starting with a softball one first. In these 8.3- times; what races would you guys like to see playable next? I'm a bit disappointed in mechagnomes myself, but absolutely fun with some new additions. What's your take on professions in this xpack? I find them a bit underwhelming. To be fair, you can live quite comfortably without investing in them and I'd wish that was not the case. Do you disagree and think they have quite an impact and if not; what would you like to see change in 9.0 and beyond? Damage meters, should they exist? To piggy back a bit on anger’s question.... where would you guys like to see the titanforging system change become? I personally would like to see a wrath type system where you can earn a certain amount of tokens for things you run to upgrade and making crafting worth it again. What would you guys think of a system more like that? What end game progression system would you like to see in the next expansion? It is pretty clear that there will be some type of system like the AP stuff in the last 2 expansions so I wanted to get your view and hopes for what they could do with that system. I for one hope they bring weapons back. I absolutely fell in love with the concept of Artifact Weapons. With how incredibly integral weapons are to most classes it was super nice knowing you didn't have to worry about getting that really annoying weapon drop. And not only working on increasing the power of them, I also loved how cool they looked and you could work on unlocking different appearances. That was super fun and cool to me! And every class and spec had their unique ones. OMG SO AWESOME!! Maybe they could do something different than the linear talent system they had. Maybe tweak it a bit where you don't unlock everything so you had to choose between some really epic talents. Also, maybe instead of Weapon Drops from Raid Bosses or Mythic Plus Dungeons they would drop appearances instead. I know this is just a pipe dream because they probably would get a lot of flack for going "back to an old system" but I think it would be just the coolest thing. In the past it was quite common to have bosses in each tier with some sort of "healing gimmick", or something different that healers have to do strategy-wise. This can take the form of bosses like Dreamwalker, Avatar of Sethraliss, or Tsulong, where the fight ends when the boss is healed, not killed. Or something like Chimaeron, where as long as everyone was above a certain health threshold, anything extra healing-wise was "wasted". Or even Sinestra with managing dispels, or Behemoth where there are distinct healing "windows". What are your thoughts on fights like this? Should there be more of them? Less of them? Are there other cool things Blizzard could incorporate with healers and healer mechanics? Jason, how do you think the possible removal of titanforging will affect a group like yours? It already seems hard to keep a group farming bosses they do not need much gear on. At least with titanforging there is always a possible upgrade on any boss...... 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