S4 E1: Oh Dear, a Deer with Special Guest Sarrah Scrubbing In

09.05.2018 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Welcome to a new season of The On Call Room! Abbey and Bri are happy to announce they have added numerous awards to Patreon, so be sure to follow the link and check it out!

This week the lovely Sarrah is scrubbing in, with all of her forensic knowledge. Perhaps, on later episodes we will have a new segment "Science with Sarrah" because she obviously knows way more than Abbey and Bri.

It has been 17 days since the Cristina was left at the Alter. Her and Meredith honeymooned together in Hawaii and went snorkeling. Karev drove towards Rebecca, but didn't see her. Izzie sat around and waited to hear from George. George...well George found a way to cope and came back for his second go around as an intern.

As for the other inters, we open with them as Residents. Our little intern babies are all grown up, with interns of their own. Interns that are include Lexie Grey, the girl from the bar AND Meredith's sister. This is bound to create some drama.

Addison is gone, doing private practice things and Burke is gone as well. Bailey is dealing with not being Chief Resident and Callie is fucking up managing all the new residents. It is a pretty mild season premiere until we hit the end.

Derek and Meredith officially break-up and then immediately proceed to have sex. AND THEN George shows up, and guess what...he loves Izzie too. Yup, that's right. What in the world are those two going to do??


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