Oh, Hello: the P'dcast

By Gil Faizon, George St. Geegland

What's Oh, Hello: the P'dcast about?

She was the People’s Princess and they were two men who hung out at Duane Reade. But now worlds have collided. From the stars of “Oh Hello, on Broadway” and the video taped version of “Oh, Hello on Broadway” comes a podcast on the life and death of Princess Diana.

It's also a podcast on the life and loves of George St. Geegland (Oh, Hello on Broadway, TED Talk Submission) and Charmed I’m Sure Gil Faizon (Oh, Hello on Broadway, Nestle commercial web-only, can do French accent).

8,586 ratings

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That's Your Funeral


In this final episode of Season 1, the boys have Chicken Chow Mein and two root beers (off mic) before Jon Ronson sets them off into a world of conspiracies. Follow Gil on OnlyFans.