Oil and Gas Sound Off

By Joe Perino

What's Oil and Gas Sound Off about?

Welcome to the oil and gas Sound Off with Joe Perino. Joe is an oil and gas industry veteran with decades of experience. As part of the EKT Interactive oil and gas podcast network, Joe will share his experience and insight on current oil and gas industry trends, topics, and news. Joe's experience throughout the value chain including upstream, midstream and downstream segments makes him uniquely experienced to bring listeners a well rounded and insightful view of the oil and gas industry. Topics will include upstream, midstream, downstream, refining, gasoline, petroleum product marketing, pipelines, current oil and gas company news and more. Learn more about the oil and gas industry with the EKT Interactive podcast network.

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Safety Data Sharing in Offs...


In this episode of the Oil and Gas Sound Off Podcast, Joe Perino gives an update on the sharing of safety data in the offshore oil and gas industry. In this podcast, Joe discusses: State of sharing data in offshore ...

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