Omicron's Mutations: the Beginning of the End

12.10.2021 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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Let's discuss the potential good news with regards to the recent variant of concern and how these mutations can lead to reduced severity of illness that's easier to catch. We discuss the ACE2 receptor density in the upper VS lower airway and more. Test your Vitamin D levels this winter with a new at-home Vitamin D test: Save with code podcast at checkout Eat Like Your Life Depends on It Tee Shirt Links to research mentioned & images: Time Stamps 0:45 Transmission VS Virulence Trade off 1:30 New mutations, what they mean 3:42 Location of ACE2: why it matters 4:31 Most important point of this paper 5:53 Testing Vitamin D at home 6:23 Details of the new mutations and ACE2 7:42 Upper airway infections are easier to transmit, catch 8:14 The transmission VS virulence trade off 9:52 ACE2 receptors have gradient densities in the airway 10:50 I could be wrong!

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