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By Aviva Romm MD

What's On Health about?

From the stuff your mother never told you, to the stuff your doctor never learned, On Health features taboo-busting conversations that demystify and de-stigmatize our bodies, all while bridging the gap between conventional medicine and wellness. Join Yale-trained MD & midwife Aviva Romm and her line-up of expert guests as they discuss everything from periods to menopause, sex to reproductive health politics, and motherhood to mental health. Each week, Dr. Romm will be exploring the science and wisdom of how our bodies work, what makes us well, what gets in the way, and how we can live our best lives on our terms, authentically and bravely. You can expect to learn more about topics such as women's brain health, cesareans, microbiome seeding, women’s sexual health, and much more. Plus, you'll get Aviva’s musings, tips, and guidance from 35+ years of helping women take back their health—and their lives. The new medicine for women is here!

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