On Practicing the Buddha's Teachings - February 2nd 2014

02.03.2014 - By A Buddhist Podcast

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Welcome to the first show of the year! Tonights Jason lectures on the writing, On Practicing The Buddha's Teachings. His lecture is based on President Ikeda's lectures series from The Teaching for Victory.
Some of the theme for tonight include:
From provisional to true
How did Buddhism get so confused
Former, middle and latter day of the law
An accursed time
Changing our minds
The banner of our behaviour
Archers of the mystic law
Three carts and the burning house
Shakabuku, compassion and reason
Using struggles to become happy
We have an great and inspiring experience that covers 40 year of faith from Roxanne Rae in Oregan. We also have music from Nic Saunders who kindly allowed us to play a piece from his Weald and Downland Suite, its called The Water Mill. From the pod safe music network we have Geoff Smith playing Gravity and Death Cab for Cutie with Title and Registration. 
Thank you so much for continuing to listen and support the show. Have an amazing week! 

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