Optimising your performance with Nike Master Trainer Joe Holder

01.25.2019 - By Plant Proof - Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories

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In Episode 52 I sat down with Joe Holder, founder of Ocho System, who is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to exercise optimisation and "levelling up" so you can adopt a mindset that allows you to achieve the the performance and physique goals you desire.

Strap yourself in...this one is damn interesting!

In our conversation we spoke about:

• Joe's days growing up in New Jersey & his time at University in Pennsylvania as a college footballer
• The impact his family, in particular his parents, had on his beliefs & values
• His passion for sport
• How getting injured changed his perspective on healing & performance and ultimately helped him develop his love for health
• The Ocho System and what his philosophies are on training and mindset
• His thoughts around exercise induced inflammation & recovery
• Being a Nike master trainer
• Training Victoria's Secret models
• His transition to a plant based diet
• His typical day of eating and thoughts on supplementation
• Types of exercise he recommends for other people looking to get active
• Establishing a positive mindset and being motivated to train
• and so much more

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