#58: Optimizing Every Channel to Achieve Financial Freedom with Grant Sabatier

02.04.2019 - By BiggerPockets Money Podcast

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Grant grew up knowing his parents didn’t have much money. He recognized their constant stress about finances throughout his childhood, and one of his first memories was his dad telling him, “Money is freedom.” Graduating from college in the middle of the Great Recession didn’t do much for his financial outlook. After bouncing around four different jobs, he landed back at home, unemployed and sleeping in the same bed he did when he was seven. Then, one day he woke up and wanted to go to Chipotle but had less than $3 in his bank account. He was 24 years old. As trivial as it may seem, this was the wakeup call he needed to turn the corner and figure out his finances—once and for all. Enter Google Mobile Ads. Grant realized the demand for digital advertising professionals was rising; he made a goal to make $1 million in that arena as soon as possible. Google taught him everything he needed to know—for free—and Grant landed the first job he applied for. He hit the million dollar mark in five years, six months, and three days. Grant now spends his time helping others figure out their finances so that they can live their best life, doing things they love every single day, through his blog Millennial Money and new book Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need. In This Episode We Cover: Grant's money journey On looking at money as a stressful thing Living with his parents again after working in a cubicle for four years How Google Mobile Ads helped him Getting Google AdWords certification for free How running Google Ads campaigns helped him achieve financial freedom On earning almost $300,000 building websites and flipping mopeds as a side hustle On saving 82% of his income How he got $1.25 million in his investment account in five years On having the "spend less, save more, and take free online courses” mindset Looking at time and money as human inventions Good step for people who just discovered the concept of financial independence The advantages of working remotely The difference between side hustling for someone else and side hustling for yourself On living a life you love regardless of the amount of money you are making The differences between financial independence and financial freedom And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Money Podcast 28: How Anyone Can Easily Make Extra Money Using Side Hustles with Nick Loper BiggerPockets Money Podcast 35: Hacking Your Life to Live for (Almost) Free with Craig Curelop BiggerPockets Money Podcast 24: Getting Financially “Naked” with Your Significant Other — With Erin Lowry BiggerPockets Money Podcast 50: Rebuilding Your Financial Life After Bankruptcy with Patrice Washington Google AdWords BiggerPockets Podcast BiggerPockets Money Podcast BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets: Real Estate Investor Deal Diaries Lyft Uber The Coffeehouse Investor Mad Fientist BiggerPockets Money Podcast 18: Accessing Retirement Funds Before Age 59½ with The Mad Fientist Glassdoor Amazon Free Solo Documentary FinCon Upwork

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