232 - Organize 365 Convention Surprises

06.10.2018 - By Organize 365 Podcast

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The Organize 365 National Convention was the experience of a lifetime, and I was so happy to meet all of you in person and reveal two of the biggest secrets that I’ve kept for what felt like forever! I’d like to thank everyone that attended. It meant the world to me to have you all there and it was fantastic to meet you all! If you attended the Organize 365 Convention, you already know what I’m going to talk about. But if you couldn’t make it, I’m sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation. The Organize 365 National Convention was a complete success and everything went according to plan. I was so excited to announce the surprises – and now it’s time to reveal them to the rest of the world! The First BIG Surprise… So, the first big announcement is the launch of the Friday Workboxes! The Friday Workbox has been a LONG time coming. I came up with the concept three years ago, but it’s taken all this time to create them because I wanted them to be perfect. The Friday Workbox is a $150.00 system that includes everything you need to start planning your work week and get your career on track. How To Use The Friday Workbox As an entrepreneur, I know all too well that the limit of your success (especially for us ladies) is how organized your home is. I’ll be the first to admit that I was shaking in my boots when I decided to focus on organizing the house and left my business coaching days behind me – to be honest, I was terrified! BUT the Friday Workbox got me through it. It’s designed for home-related businesses, with a particular focus on the following four areas: Direct Sales Home Schooling Entrepreneurs Teachers (the Friday Workbox launches on July 1st) With the Friday Workbox, you can focus on your home-based business to get the most out of your time and lead a more organized, fulfilling life AND career. How Does It Differ From The Sunday Basket®? Many of you are probably wondering how the Friday Workbox system differs from the SundayBasket® system. With the Sunday Basket®, you run your house, and all of the households related tasks, reminders, and responsibilities go in there. However, the Friday Workbox is created for our “passion project.” It’s for the thing in your life that brings extra income into the family, or the one thing that you want to focus your time on when you’re not doing all the other home stuff. What’s Included In Your Friday Workbox? When you receive your Friday Workbox, you can expect to find the following items inside: A Sunday Basket® (in the color of your choosing) 1 set of the 2.0 slash pockets (20 slash pockets in total) 2 sets of the 1.0 slash pockets A printed workbook to talk you through how to assemble the workbox A recording of the video class that explains how to use your specific workbox So, that’s everything that is included in the Friday Workbox system. It’s sold as a complete system, so you can’t buy each item individually. Each workbox also includes a guide that suggests how you may wish to label your slash pockets. The slash pockets have a sales cycle applied to them. The pink slash pockets are for your leads, the purple are for customers, the green are for finances, and the blue slash pockets are for marketing and personal development. Order Your Workbox TODAY to be included in the LIVE Zoom Workshop calls on June 18th! On June 18th, I will be teaching LIVE workshops all day. Starting at 9am Eastern Time, everyone who has already purchased ANY workbox will be online for a 2 hour Workbox 1.0 Workshop. Then each workbox will have an additional 90 minute workshop with me to deep dive into your 2.0 folders. The Entrepreneur Workshop will be from 11:30am-1pm. The Homeschool Workshop will be from 1:30-3pm. The Direct Sales Workshop will be from 3:30- 5pm. Use the time in between your 1.0 ad 2.0 workshops to keep working and gathering your questions! If you can't be on live, I understand. Everyone wil be sent recordings of the workshops later that week. You can order your workboxes in my shop. AND... You will have TEN colors of Sunday Baskets® to chose from to match your Friday Workbox to your business colors! Oh, these Sunday Basket® colors are even better in person than I imagined! Hot Pink, Purple, Teal, Sage, White, and Orange will be added to the classic original SundayBasket® colors of red, navy, grey, and black. All the Sunday Basket® are available for individual purchase and in the Workboxes in my shop. Oh, AND the NEW colors have an Organize 365 exclusive basket weave pattern. You can check out photos in the Organize 365 Facebook Group. The baskets literally arrived at the manufacturer the DAY BEFORE the convention. Talk about cutting it close! Professional photos will be taken and by up on the site by the end of the month. :) The Second BIG Surprise! My second BIG announcement at the Organize 365 National Convention was the exciting news that we’re now going to have Paper Organizing Retreats! I envisioned this back when I started Organize 365 in 2012. It took us a few years to get here, but we’ve finally done it! My Inspiration For The Paper Organizing Retreats I was inspired to launch the Paper Organizing Retreats because I wanted to help people who suddenly found themselves in a position that they never thought they would be in. I’m thinking about all of you (or someone close to you) who have received an unexpected medical diagnosis, or there’s been a recent death in the family, and now your entire life is chaotic and spinning out of control. In cases like this, there’s usually a lot of paperwork, especially if you’re the executor of a will. Instead of feeling confused, stressed, and overworked, you can pack up all of the paper, travel to a Paper Organizing Retreat in Cincinnati, and we can start sorting through all of your paper together. Why Attend A Paper Organizing Retreat? It’s challenging to organize paper by yourself at home, especially if you aren’t sure what paper you can keep and what needs to be shredded. But when you have a professional workshop organizer with you, you can ask them as many questions as you like and actually organize your paper the RIGHT way. The Paper Organizing Retreats are designed to help you organize your papers and come up with a capable system that works for YOU. What To Expect At A Paper Organizing Retreat When you arrive on a Saturday morning at around 9am, we will have a table ready for you. You’ll have your own shredding and recycling bag so you can get started right away! During the first half of the first day of the retreat, you’ll be in the process of creating several GIGANTIC shredding piles. Once you know what can be shredded, you can get down to what actually needs to be organized. You can bring your own Organize 365 products with you, pre-order them online so they’re waiting on your desk upon arrival, OR you can buy what you need at the Organize 365 Store on site. Introducing The Paper Organizing Retreat Team We have a real power team for the Paper Organizing Retreats, including my good friend, Janet Davis, my sister, Emily Kelly, and Organize 365 SUPER fan and professional organizer, Ellen Wall. Each of these inspiring ladies has helped make Paper Organizing Retreats possible. Janet is our Lead Paper Organizing Retreat Planner, Emily, the Organize 365 Marketing Director, and Ellen is the binder expert – so I can guarantee that you’ll be in good hands! Join A Paper Organizing Retreat! I’m super excited about the Paper Organizing Retreats. If you want to find out more about how you can attend a retreat, you can click here. The Organize 365 National Convention was amazing, memorable and definately NOT perfect. Boy was it NOT perfect. Many of the convention details were 100% out of my control and really, honestly - terrible. But, there was nothing I could do about that. This convention made me publicly walk out the "done is better than perfect" and "progress over perfection" mantras ever minute of every day. You know what we will remember? The hugs. The laughs. The stories. And the transformational experience we each took away from the event. The imperfections made the experience relatable and memorable. I am so honored to be on this organizational journey WITH you. Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, support, and community. I can't wait to see what happens next year! View the complete post here: https://organize365.com/232

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