Owning The Person God Meant You To Be: Kierra Sheard-Kelly and Shannon Bream

04.15.2021 - By Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

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Finding our God-given purpose is just the first step—it’s truly owning who He meant us to be that makes a difference, because follow through and commitment mean everything. However, earthly obstacles can get in our way of fully believing in and accepting ourselves. That’s why we need Christ so desperately, to help us understand our own value. Gospel singer Kierra Sheard-Kelly has waded through her fair share of negativity and body-shaming, and pursuing a career in the spotlight meant that there were scores of mean comments thrown her way. Kierra decided that she’d fortify herself by rooting her heart and her feelings in the word of God, which centered her and helped her embrace how God shaped her. Now, she’s living her faith boldly and proudly, encouraging others to stand out. Fox News anchor Shannon Bream started out as a lawyer, but felt a deep pull to the world of journalism, and sacrificed endlessly to work her way in. After being told by one television exec that she wasn’t good for TV, and that she’d never make it in the business, Shannon took a good hard look at her skills and her purpose, dug her heels in, and trusted that God would open the doors needed, and eventually she was led to a series of opportunities that got her where she is today. Now, she’s sharing stories about women in the Bible who sat at God’s feet, and is highlighting how passionately Christ cared for His relationships with women—placing them in positions where they can maximize their influence.    Links, Products, and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Podcast Romans 8:38 and 39 Jesus Calling Jesus Always Past interview: Mike Weaver Upcoming interview: Darryl Strawberry   Kierra Sheard-Kelly Clark Sisters Big, Bold, and Beautiful: Owning the Woman God Made You to Be Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren Proverbs 11:14   Shannon Bream Fox News at Night Women of the Bible Speak Finding the Bright Side Liberty University Florida State Miss America pageant program Miss USA Brit Hume Fox News Queen Esther Deborah   Interview Quotes: “I literally have gotten so many answers from my advisors. And that can be my friends, my loved ones, my sibling, anybody that I feel like God has said yes to. And they've contributed so much to the path of my life.” - Kierra Sheard-Kelly “I live my faith, bold and proud, by owning who I am, owning what God is doing in my life.” - Kierra Sheard-Kelly “Because you know Jesus, it doesn't make you small, it doesn't make you weird, it doesn't make you abnormal, it actually puts you in a secure place, in a sure place,” - Kierra Sheard-Kelly “There's a glory that rests on your life, and heaven is rejoicing when you live it out and when you own it.” - Kierra Sheard-Kelly “Even if you don't speak the same language, you can have the same heart and be a part of the body of Christ.” - Shannon Bream “Your job cannot be your God, it can't be what drives your life.” - Shannon Bream “Jesus treated women as equals. They were studying with Him at His feet, which was not common in those days.” - Shannon Bream “The God who intervened in all of these situations centuries ago is the same God today. I'm struck by the fact that these frustrations and troubles and challenges the women had, many of them are very common to today. Family troubles, sibling rivalries, chronic illness, financial trouble, widowhood, infertility, betrayal.” - Shannon Bream  ________________________ Enjoy watching these additional videos from Jesus Calling YouTube channel: Audio Playlist: https://bit.ly/2PrbuwH Video Playlist: https://bit.ly/2PsmEkJ What’s Good? Playlist: https://bit.ly/3i7VUlZ ________________________  Connect with Jesus Calling Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Jesus Calling Website

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