348: Panic Shutdown

10.17.2019 - By Accidental Tech Podcast

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Pre-show: El Camino
Jesse Pinkman's character bio

Opting out of TiVo pre-roll ads
Oxo Chef's Knife
Siri opt-in & grading
Optimus Player

Casey's Docker adventures
Jeff Atwood's article


Marco's networking adventures
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (previous router)
Security Gateway Pro 4 (new router)
UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 (runs management software)
UniFi 250W PoE Switch
UniFi nanoHD Wi-Fi APs

Folding phones
Connected #265: What Are You, a Dictionary?
Game Boy Advance SP

Apple and China
Ben Thompson's summary
Avoiding Copland 2010
Copland 2010 Revisited

Will progress bars ever become more accurate? (via Chris Wright)
What app(s) do we use to write prose? (via Charles Clements)
Visual Studio Code
Working Copy

Does a computer really need a UPS? (via Tom Hartnett)
Newer version of Casey's UPS
Marco's UPS

Post-show: John's Google problems

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