110. Parenting Multiples with Dr. Susan Wenze

11.01.2019 - By Psychologists Off The Clock

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   Caring for a newborn has its challenges, but imagine the challenges of caring for two or more newborns at once! More feedings, diapering, laundry and gear to schlep. We are hardwired to respond to our infants so how do you handle more than one infant crying at once? And when the heck do you sleep? It’s no wonder that parents of multiples experience increased sleep deprivation and mental health issues even as they face greater logistical barriers to accessing mental health treatment and care. In this episode, Yael speaks with Dr. Susan Wenze, a mother of twins and clinical psychologist. Sue offers advice for parents of multiples and describes research on perinatal mental health of parents with multiples. Listen and Learn:* Specific mental health concerns for both mothers and fathers of multiples* Clever ways to practice self-care in the midst of parenting twins or more* How parenting multiples can bring partners closer together and other benefits of parenting twins and more* How to ask friends and family for the help that you need* Ways to help non-twin siblings also feel special* How to do self-care when you are a parent of multiples (terrific advice that can be used by all tired parents!).About Dr. Susan Wenze Susan Wenze, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. She conducts research on depression in the general population and perinatal mental health for parents of multiples. Dr. Wenze is also the parent of elementary school-aged identical twins. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from American University and completed her clinical residency and postdoctoral fellowship at Brown University. Resources: Sue’s Lafayette College research websiteSue’s work, as featured on NPRNational Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, an online resource and community for parents of multiplesTwiniversity, an online resource and community for parents of multiplesTwins and Multiple Births Association (recently changed the name to Twin Trust), an online resource in the UK __________________________Thank you for joining us on this episode of Psychologists Off The Clock. We appreciate your feedback. Please take a moment to leave a quick rating and review of the show on Apple Podcasts. It helps us spread the word to more folks like you!Click Here to Subscribe via Apple PodcastsClick here to Subscribe via Google PodcastsClick Here to Subscribe via StitcherClick Here to Subscribe via Spotify

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