Parents Fail to Protect Children Online - Dire Consequences (Interview with Lisa Thee)

11.02.2018 - By Sex Afflictions & Porn Addictions

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Good parents all over the world are failing in major ways to protect their children online. In this podcast, Craig and his tech expert guest Lisa Thee blow the myths parents cling to not be more proactive in monitoring their children's online activities out of the water. And they provide a solution - the first one endorsed by Coach Craig in the 7 years he's been coaching. Sexting, the sharing of sexually explicit content such as nude or risqué photographs via text or social media messaging, is a growing phenomenon among youth and teens. Recent research from the Journal of the American Medical Association conservatively estimates that more than one in four teens has received a sexually explicit text message. With the rise of technology distribution and social media acquisition among youth and teens, the prevalence of sexting, and sextortion (the use of shared content to exploit, abuse, or bully) is rampant.

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