"Passed Pawn" (Westworld S3E7)

04.29.2020 - By House Podcastica: Cobra Kai Edition

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Nothing like a sultry-voiced, snarky French AI to spice up an episode. The Caleb stuff was drawn out and we had some other  complaints, but we found a lot to appreciate and to ponder, and we're definitely looking forward to the season finale next week. Have any opinions on what House Podcastica should cover next? What about Ozark? Let us know what you think. Shoot me an email or post on our FB page if you have ideas or suggestions. This podcast is made possible by listeners like you (and you too) who have supported us at patreon.com/jasonandkaren. If you find value here and want to give back, this is a great way to do it. Or if you don't feel like committing to a monthly contribution, you can now buy me a coffee by going to buymeacoffee.com/cabassi. Merci beaucoup :) Subscribe: housepodcastica.com Email: [email protected] Facebook: facebook.com/housepodcastica Network: podcastica.com

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