Patrick Hill, Actor

01.14.2019 - By Spoken Dreams

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Patrick Hill is an actor from from Middletown, Ohio. As a toddler, Patrick’s mom got him into modeling for catalogues, and by 8-years-old he was signed to an agency. It wasn’t until Patrick saw himself in his first commercial that he knew he wanted to be an actor. He dropped everything to just focus on acting. When he was a teenager, his mom packed up the family and headed out for Los Angeles so that Patrick could give things a real shot. Amazingly, he booked a big role for a new show on Disney Channel. He was thrilled. But just 4 days into shooting, Patrick suffered a devastating loss. He was forced go back home to Ohio and abandon his dream. After years of building a new life, and trying to live “normally, ”Patrick made a huge sacrifice to head back to Los Angeles, and give his dreams another shot.

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