Paul Shepherd | How to Align to Your Genetics Code & Most Authentic Self

06.07.2021 - By Fire+Soul with Michelle Sorro | Real Talks on Spiritual Entrepreneurship for a Soul Aligned Life & Biz

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We all want to know who we are, what kind of career we’re best suited to, and what kind of partner might be the best fit for us. So, let’s be honest many hours of your life have you spent taking online surveys and supposedly precise questionnaires that promise to reveal the answers to these questions? How often were they right? 
The truth is that all of these models are intent on placing you into a box, more often referred to as a “personality type”. On average, there are only about 6-8 boxes you’re allowed to fit into. Unfortunately, the box doesn’t always fit. A small selection of pre-made boxes can’t possibly contain the parts of us that are special, spiritual, unique, and seeking alignment. They’re inadequate because they’re incomplete. 
Today, we’re talking to Paul Shepherd, a soul-inspired transformational coach and founder of Soul Purpose Mastery. After several years and significant financial investments in the traditional personality-type models of self-discovery, he started to recognize that the answers he was finding never quite offered the whole picture of who he was, information that’s vital when you’re seeking accurate direction along your life’s journey. Ultimately, he was led to the infinitely more thorough process of genetic coding, and this discovery changed everything. 
In this episode, you’ll hear Paul’s story of celestial self-discovery and how it led him to a life of purpose and fulfillment. We’ll talk about what’s not working about the 8-sizes fits all model, and how this science-backed system can help you take back control of your compass and discover your true north. 
Here’s to embracing your unique soul in its entirety and connecting with your authentic self! 
In This Episode You Will Learn: Why most assessment tools can’t show you the full picture (4:34)The unique energetic imprints that make us who we are (5:56)Freeing yourself from the pre-packaged personality type (9:47)Lessons from the wisdom of a single strength (11:44)Why asking about your purpose is the wrong question (17:12)Re-gaining possession of your compass (18:15)How to take the first step towards discovering your unique genetic code (23:14)
People Mentioned in this Episode: Nate Zeleznick: Vibravision
References: Neutrino Explanation
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